Executive Team Optimization & Coaching

Getting the best out of your team

Executive Team Optimization & Coaching

Building a high performing team of experienced, technically-gifted executives is one of the most important demands of executive leadership. Harnessing the true capabilities of each individual to sustain high performance over time is often illusory. In truth, most teams operate with intermittent effectiveness – they generally do well, but they have the potential to be so much better.

CONCHIE ASSOCIATES has a proven track record in team optimization leading to superior performance.

A typical team engagement will include:

  • Assessment and analysis of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Deployment of the CONCHIE ASSOCIATES Leadership 360 (or use existing data if it is available). It is important to establish perceptions of leadership behavior within the team and from those who work for them.
  • Extensive interaction with the team leader.
  • Observation of a series of team meetings and situational guidance.
  • Follow-up meetings with key individuals.
  • Creation of a team development and behavioral plan.
  • Individual coaching and guidance to the team leader and individual team members.

Our professional focus is on improving team performance. While team sessions and engagements are positive and productive, they are also challenging and as significant issues are dissected, sometimes uncomfortable. We have high expertise in session facilitation and in ensuring the full benefit of our team building science is brought to your team.

Barry Conchie personally conducts all team optimization sessions

“There is no such thing as a well-rounded leader, but there is such a thing as a well-rounded team”

Conchie & Rath

Strengths Based Leadership, Gallup Press

Leadership 360

Simple measures against leadership characteristics

Team Strengths

Measurement of team strengths and weaknesses

Team Facilitation

In-person executive team coaching

Individual & Team Coaching

Advice and guidance for individuals and teams

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